COVID Recovery Plan Update
August 21, 2021

The Officers and Board of Directors have reviewed the current status of COVID recovery and wish to share the following statement....

" The Prince George's County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association encourages all Operational, Administrative, and Auxiliary members to get vaccinated against COVID19 and follow the newly released policies. Being vaccinated protects our Volunteers, our families, as well as those we serve. We support the County's new policy on COVID vaccinations/testing for County employees, sworn/civilian, and volunteers, We understand it is controversial for some but as an integral part of the combination Fire/EMS Department, these steps will help our Volunteer force to best serve the residents and visitors of Prince George's County, as we lead by example.

Our members are an essential part of Prince George's County Fire & EMS emergency operations and should align with County policies especially in the area of public safety. We should all do our part to fight the pandemic at every front."