By Member Brenda Sarmiento
October 3, 2016

The newly elected 2016 - 2017 officers for the Prince George's County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association are as follows:

President: William Cunningham, Sr.
1st Vice President: Mark Trader
2nd Vice President: Brian Cavanaugh
Secretary: Teri Heinicke
Assistant Secretary: Teresa Crisman
Treasurer: Margie Dickey
Assistant Treasurer: Joan Robison
Chief Chaplain: Harry Hetz
Chaplain: Elaine Huttenloch
Chaplain: Dwayne Frost, Sr.
Chaplain: Rajah Rose
1st District Director: Tommy Ray
2nd District Director: Nova Johns
3rd District Director: Glenn Locker
4th District Director: Joseph Johnson
5th District Director: Tony Hall
6th District Director: Pete Mellits

Congratulations to all!

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